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Without Knowing

Creating a mandala is always an adventure, and the first step is being willing to HAVE that adventure!  For reasons that are unclear to me, there is initial hesitation.  From the book “Art and Fear”…”What separates artists from ex-artists is that those who challenge their… Read More

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Transitions Mandala

The “Transitions Mandala” began December 7, 2013, with some urgency as I contemplate the “next assignment” for my Dad who is journeying through dementia.  The guidance was direct, begin with roses (four), a bud, adolescent, full and spent, with an eternity symbol at their center. … Read More

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“Welcome Home”

Hilarious!  As I read the daily prompt, “what makes a place home to you”, I felt very topical!  Today’s mandala (21/31) is generated from an image I saw on the floor during yoga the other day, a small half heart with wing, spiraling out into… Read More

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Today’s mandala started with hearts, twelve in total, they all have a tear drop in them but inside the tear drop is a smile. The continuation of the design makes it appear there are heads sitting on top of the hearts, but that was not… Read More