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Immortal Heart

Always looking for clear direction, I sought the help of (yet another) business coach.  As I lamented not feeling clear about which pursuits to prioritize, she suggested that I follow the procedure that I recommend in my mandala journey workshops…drop into meditation, ask for guidance,… Read More

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“Free to Be Me”

This year has been a roller coaster, in part due to my expectation of certain outcomes, (such as my grief subsiding after the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing).  Instead, I felt plunged into even deeper abysses, (see “Surrender”). Those wiser about grief know… Read More

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Walk Softly

All art tells a story and this mandala is no exception.  “Walk Softly” is a small piece, and begins with a footprint over a (sun)flower.  A heart surrounds the footprint and a flower (modified lotus) blossoms next.  The leaves from the lotus extend out over… Read More

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Super Vision

The idea of the “Guidance Mandala” was percolating mid February 2015, but I was stalled by not finding my photo reference for what I believed the central image should be (a lotus with mirrored reflection in water).  Searching through my photo library for the image… Read More

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Inner Realm

Today’s mandala also generated from an image I saw on the floor during yoga.  In my yoga bliss, the image felt brilliant, and is much less inspired once translated into actual form.  This piece jumped the track more than once, an unreasonably loud thunder crack… Read More