On the Beach Baby!

On the Beach Baby!

Featuring artwork by Vikki Reed and musings about life, the stories that mandalas tell me as I create them (or they re-create me).  The best way to experience the mandalas is to take a moment to look at them, and let your gaze soften.   Let them tell you their story, you may hear one quite different from what I am describing.

It might seem like vanity that I call them Magical Mandalas, but in truth, it has little to do with me.  They have taken me on an incredible journey and I am occasionally frustrated and confused, but ultimately always grateful and in awe!



  1. Hello! your Mandala’s are beautiful! Do you sell them? I’d love to buy one from you! With much love, Sarah Jay

    • Yes, but the website doesn’t calculate for international, so if you will work with me on the cost, I will be happy to ship to UK!

  2. Hello;
    “The best way to experience the mandalas is to take a moment to look at them, and let your gaze soften. Let them tell you their story, you may hear one quite different from what I am describing”.
    As per your instruction I did it.
    Congratulation for creating unique,incredible and out of the box type of blog.
    Wishing you all the best…………………….

  3. Hello;
    First of all thank a lot for reply to my comment.
    Second; thanks a lot for for visit, reading and comment on my post.
    Third; thanks a lot for subscription of my blog.
    I am absolutely grateful to you for your this wonderful, very encouraging, co-operative, cordial and very supportive friendly gesture.
    To nurture, to strengthen our very delicate yet very blogging friendship, I too subscribed for your blog. So, now we are official friends of each other, isn’t it?????????????????
    I wish, by following each others blog and more often communicating with each other within very short span of time will become very best blogging friend.
    Am I right?????????????????????
    Wishing you all the best…………………………………………..

  4. swajithkas, thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading more of your blogs and hope you will also continue to enjoy mine. I am just becoming aware of the value of the WordPress community and appreciate being able to participate.

    • Sure, I am enjoying your blog, well written posts and your wonderful, warmth and friendly company.
      Thanks for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog.
      Wishing you all the best……………………

  5. Thanks for delving deeper into my blog swajithkas! I am grateful and will be doing the same with your blog soon. I’ve been working and preoccupied with many other things!

  6. Hi Vikki,
    Lovely to meet you here and hope you are well during these challenging times. All is well with us so far here in England.
    It is a while ago now since I was first introduced to mandalas and my use of finger painting has since evolved.
    Thank you for the prompt to go and do another painting which I have neglected to do for a while.
    Take care

    • Margaret,
      Hi, thank you for your comment and follow, I’m so happy to hear you’re inspired! I hope you will post about the mandalas you create

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