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This blog primarily features artwork, but the experience with “Bird on the Edge” today is noteworthy and although initially I thought the experience was just another bird rescue, (necessary because of my teenage delinquent cat, Sammy), it became clear that there was an important message for me as well.

During this morning’s Qi Gong practice on Zoom I heard the commotion. I left practice briefly to find a familiar sight, feathers from room to room and in the hallway. Quiet resumed, and I decided to wait until practice ended to address the clean up, knowing I would have more clarity for the task at hand.

Experience informed my perception that this was a search and rescue rather than a recovery, and sure enough, I located the mourning dove in my bedroom behind the TV. I followed the usual steps of closing all doors to light, except for the one that offered the true opportunity, the doors which open to the pool area, a clear path to freedom. Initially, the bird would not move and I couldn’t get to him behind the TV.

Moving the furniture to begin my approach did not go well, our bird friend flew into the air, bumped into two or three walls before falling to the floor again, exhausted.

I thought, “Well, he is frightened and traumatized, that is why he can’t discern the open door, open air, hear the nature sounds, sense the outdoors. What would help? I brought in my iPhone to play Snatam Kaur and some tuning forks to begin restoring some coherence to his little avian system.

None of my ideas were proving effective and my schedule required that I attend to some other matters. When I returned some thirty minutes later, he was sitting above the door, facing inward, seemingly unaware that freedom was inches away.

“You’re right there! Freedom is just a few steps (wing flaps) away! You’re so close, you’ve got this! All you have to do is shift your perspective a little bit!

Whoa…that’s when I grabbed my iPhone to take this photo. I knew I was not just talking to the bird, those words were meant to encourage me as well.

The bird was in such a state of fear, shock and trauma that he lost his natural GPS and became frozen in fear, unable to follow his instinctive wisdom. I instantly felt a parallel to my (our) current state of affairs.

My determination to recalculate (re-calibrate!) daily, hourly, moment by moment if necessary, strengthened even more. When I feel lost, where do I look for information to help guide my way? Am I taking time to tap into my inner wisdom, becoming quiet until I “hear” the stillness within? Or do I tend to look outward and find myself paralyzed due to consuming fearful information that may not even be pertinent for me?

Continual recalculating and re-calibrating is essential right now. What works for you? Meditating? Gardening? A walk in nature? Energy Medicine such as Frequency Tunings, Tapping (EFT)? Conscious breathing? Creating? Qi Gong? Any and all of these are helpful for me and I employ (deploy) them regularly.

Whatever you choose, I sincerely wish for coherence, guidance and yes, some humor for your days. Thank you for reading and yes, the bird did find his way out the door, right after I asked for the angels help, and yes, that works too.

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Current -"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration", said Nikola Tesla. I am exploring this and employing it at the same time through art (painting with color frequency) and sound healing (I'm a certified Biofield Tuner). Combining the elements of sound and color have dramatically shifted life for the better, even during 2020. Past - Born in the desert, grew up painting even through education and career. Quit to pursue painting full time 30 years ago. Got married and divorced, single parented two boys and now delight in my grandbabies. Future - refining the frequency practices, innovating and creating, living more fully, sharing what I've learned to empower you in doing the same! " When the tide rises, it lifts all boats" John F. Kennedy


  1. Vikki you are awesome. I love this and you. So appropriate and yet again you seem to find the wisdom in the simplest situations.

    Also, side note: I have a deep connection to your “delinquent Sammy”-I actually laughed out loud when I read that. He means well 😘

    • Thank you Gabi! Thank you for reading with presence and I’m glad you got a laugh from it, yes, he means well, he certainly is a wonderful teacher!

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