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The Unraveling

The Unraveling

This mandala came into being in October 2016.  At the time I was (once again) reeling from what I felt were unnecessarily harsh life conditions, and feeling that most of what I knew was falling away, including what I felt was one of my strongest foundations, the mandala.

In this piece, the symmetry of the design is interrupted by three unfurling ribbons, generating from a spiral, off center in the composition.  The background is a deep, dark green…almost black.

It is nearly eighteen months later and this piece has an entirely different feel for me, as well as a message that now thrills and inspires.  This year (2018) marks 4 years since my father’s  passing and 11 for my mother.  Since I am somewhat of a word/number geek, the significance of  411 is not lost on me.  I knew the epiphanies would be popping like flashbulbs and they are.

Pieces of the puzzle have been fitting into place… evidence that the power of staying present for the bitter and the better yields undeniable benefits, feeling the freedom of letting go, and consistently re-committing to the willingness to let go, growing awareness that my inner being, is radiating love and inspiration to me constantly… glimpses of these essential truths and even some lingering moments, ahh, yes!

Then, through a completely random and yet synchronistic chain of events, I find myself with a book in my hands by Eileen McKusick, “Tuning the Human Biofield” as she is describing the Electric Universe Theory which is “paradigm shattering in a very powerful way because it is a retelling of our cosmological story”.  While gravity has been perceived as the dominant force in the universe for over 300 years, much of the phenomena is puzzling to scientists because life seems “random, chaotic and pointless”.  Ms. McKusick recommends “The Electric Sky” by Donald Scott, which explains the Electric Universe Theory as “a cosmology of connectivity and of light, instead of separation and darkness.”  It is the beginning of science pointing to the inclusivity of our universe!

So…”The Unraveling” transforms for me, from representing a loss of structure and foundation, to the symbol of beautiful new freedom and awareness, and I, for one, intend to celebrate it!

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