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With a Little Help from My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends

A few nights ago I was treated to an interesting reflection on the counter and I was charmed enough to take a photo.

Angel Image

Angel Image

As they say, “art imitates life” and I felt the urge to incorporate the “angel image” into a mandala.  There are four angels in the piece, heads toward the center, connected by a golden diamond shape.  The angel wings overlap and outstretched hands with palms facing up, touch lightly.  Spiral/wave shapes are prominent, signifying ebb and flow, the natural cycles of life.

While in the mandala process, there is always time for reflection and I found myself considering one of my less productive patterns…feeling as though I have to single-handedly slay the dragons with the weight of the world on my shoulders simultaneously.  Did the angel image come to remind me that there is help ever at the ready and all I need to do is ask?  (Okay, ask and lay down my weapons).  The title of the piece suggested itself to me and I felt affirmed in my awareness that life is much more pleasant when I remember that I am not all alone.

As often happens, the synchronicities continued as a recording was suggested to me, and I came across a You-Tube video, each praising the benefits of remembering the assistance available (in the less visible realms).

You may be one that doubts the presence of angels, or helpers in the non-physical realm.  I don’t seek to change your mind.  As for me, I will be having a lot more conversations with mine, both in the manner of requests, and offering up gratitude, for prayers answered and reminders of grace.

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Current -"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration", said Nikola Tesla. I am exploring this and employing it at the same time through art (painting with color frequency) and sound healing (I'm a certified Biofield Tuner). Combining the elements of sound and color have dramatically shifted life for the better, even during 2020. Past - Born in the desert, grew up painting even through education and career. Quit to pursue painting full time 30 years ago. Got married and divorced, single parented two boys and now delight in my grandbabies. Future - refining the frequency practices, innovating and creating, living more fully, sharing what I've learned to empower you in doing the same! " When the tide rises, it lifts all boats" John F. Kennedy

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