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Immortal Heart

Immortal Heart

Immortal Heart

Always looking for clear direction, I sought the help of (yet another) business coach.  As I lamented not feeling clear about which pursuits to prioritize, she suggested that I follow the procedure that I recommend in my mandala journey workshops…drop into meditation, ask for guidance, pay attention to the information that presents, and create a mandala.

My meditation yielded the following clues, a grasshopper, a snake/serpent, and fire/flame.  Turning to my reference, “Signs and Symbols Sourcebook” by Adele Nozedar, I was astonished to find the following;

Grasshopper – a symbol of good luck, as well as of death and resurrection.

Snake/Serpent – a symbol of healing powers, regeneration, reincarnation and more specifically, the ouroboros, the ancient circular emblem of serpent continually swallowing its own tail epitomizes eternity and continued renewal.

Fire/flame – the power to create and destroy, symbolic of the spirit and life itself, in sanskrit, the word for “pure” and “fire” is the same.

Excited by the theme, I started on the mandala, this time with the outer circle first.  I planned the ouroborous, placed the grasshopper inside and added a sacred heart with flames.  The outer circle has flames as well, in an unplanned but significant number of 27, which according to Joanne Sacred Scribes, is an indication that I am encouraged to believe in myself, my intuitive messages and inner-promptings.

The mandala is created with a medium that is less familiar to me, the Neo-color water-soluble wax pastels.  Although it is quite different from the work I usually create, the thrill of the meditation/mandala process is undeniably present, the rediscovery of access to the quantum field where the information is present and available if one can simply relax into receptivity.

“What is meditation but the process of descending into the self, beneath the stream of superficial thoughts, to that place of stillness where the mind of God, with all its infinite information, is freely accessible.” – from “The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle” by Todd Michael.

As usual, the mandala provided clarity, affirmation and reassurance.  I invite you to try your own mandala journeys and report your discoveries!

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As a Phoenix native, Vikki Reed's vibrant watercolors of desert botanicals evolved from her love and appreciation of the desert's ability to produce tender beauty in the midst of harsh conditions. The mandala series which began in 2004 resurrects a childhood knowledge that mandalas are a primordial tool for centering and healing. Vikki studied in the 1980s with watercolor greats Irving Shapiro and Paul Kuo, and began exhibiting at the outdoor shows in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico after Paul's encouragement. This led to gallery representation with the Wickenburg Gallery and Work of Artist's Gallery. Vikki also exhibited at the Celebration of Fine Art for eight years. Before taking sabbatical to act as caregiver for her father in 2010, Vikki was featured in a one woman show at the Northern Trust Bank in January 2008 and was selected to create an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree that same year. Vikki's current focus, the Mandala Series, combines ancient symbolism and the healing power of color.


  1. Your mandalas always contain so many images. I didn’t even see the ouroboros until I stared at it for awhile.

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