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” Introspective”  began with a meditation.  Once again, I received impressions which were written down immediately following the meditation…mushrooms, footprints, ladders, apples and stars. On consulting the Signs and Symbols Sourcebook, I learned the following, “mushrooms have magical properties within them seeming to provide a… Read More

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Immortal Heart

Always looking for clear direction, I sought the help of (yet another) business coach.  As I lamented not feeling clear about which pursuits to prioritize, she suggested that I follow the procedure that I recommend in my mandala journey workshops…drop into meditation, ask for guidance,… Read More

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Ebb and Flow

These are challenging times.  There are those dealing with life and death issues, fires, financial ruin, the threat of nuclear war, starvation, terrorism, religious persecution. By comparison my issues seem so benign, and yet they (my issues) are quite persistent in capturing my attention. I… Read More