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Walk Softly

Walk Softly

Walk Softly

All art tells a story and this mandala is no exception.  “Walk Softly” is a small piece, and begins with a footprint over a (sun)flower.  A heart surrounds the footprint and a flower (modified lotus) blossoms next.  The leaves from the lotus extend out over the footprints this time and the arches symbolize a brighter future.

Since “Let It Bee” connected me to the world of bees through Adventures in Natural Beekeeping and even before, I have felt concern about the management of our earthly home.  There is a naivety around the effects humans are having while we decide to dominate, rather than cooperate with nature.

The footprint over the sunflower in the center suggests that without awareness, we are stepping on the natural order.  I would love to see the exquisite wisdom of nature realized and respected.  I am not on a soapbox and I am no saint.  I drive a car, eat fast food and have even sprayed Round Up on my weeds, before I understood how deadly it is, and not just for the weeds, but for all living creatures.

I heard a suggestion last night (from my brother who is the Natural Beekeeper), “leave a poison free patch for the pollinators”!  I love this because it is a compromise.  I know I will be looking for more simple ways I can be in agreement with what is good for Mother Earth and modify my habits.

“Walk Softly” brought me a message.  The mandalas always do when I show up in the studio with a willing heart and ready hands.  The “Guidance Mandala” is still waiting in the que, but I have been receiving plenty of Guidance while it prepares me for work.

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Current -"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration", said Nikola Tesla. I am exploring this and employing it at the same time through art (painting with color frequency) and sound healing (I'm a certified Biofield Tuner). Combining the elements of sound and color have dramatically shifted life for the better, even during 2020. Past - Born in the desert, grew up painting even through education and career. Quit to pursue painting full time 30 years ago. Got married and divorced, single parented two boys and now delight in my grandbabies. Future - refining the frequency practices, innovating and creating, living more fully, sharing what I've learned to empower you in doing the same! " When the tide rises, it lifts all boats" John F. Kennedy


  1. I love your “Walk Softly” mandala. Yes, please leave a poison-free patch in your lawn for wild pollinators. You’ll be surprised at what grows in that area and what kinds of pollinators will visit it. A couple of years ago, I noticed a yellow blossom growing in amongst the clover blossoms. It turns out it was a Bird’s Foot Trefoil. I shot some close up video of the bees working it and was amazed that when the bees left the blossom, the petals actually closed over the pistil. I realized I was witnessing the intimate relationship between the flower and the bee. That was possible because I consistently chose not to mow a little patch in the back yard.

    I really think most people will respect nature when they realize how important it is to our very existence. Through your Mandala you are playing a part in helping people become aware of the plight of the bees and other wild pollinators. After all, we need the bees for our very food supply, so we ought to ‘walk softly’ and provide a little spot for them to get safe nourishment.

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