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I am not buried under rubble in Nepal, or homeless without food and water.  I have not had to flee my war-torn country with my family in an unsafe water craft and face drowning in the Mediterranean.  I am not black, living in a community… Read More

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“Declaration” began as something of an “I’m coming out” piece.  2015 was going to be my year.  I hired a marketing strategist to help me rescue my art business.  The mission was to “elevate my brand” and the marketing pitch had me dreaming of wonderful… Read More

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Walk Softly

All art tells a story and this mandala is no exception.  “Walk Softly” is a small piece, and begins with a footprint over a (sun)flower.  A heart surrounds the footprint and a flower (modified lotus) blossoms next.  The leaves from the lotus extend out over… Read More