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“Circle Walking”

“Circle Walking” is the mandala that brings me to a successful completion of the 31 paintings in 31 days challenge for July.  The well felt pretty dry, then the inspiration came to visually describe the Qi Gong exercise of circle walking, which I was privileged… Read More

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“Broad Shoulders”

Today’s mandala, “Broad Shoulders” features an unplanned but pertinent figure, (light blue and heart shaped torso, light tan arms flexed upwards, yellow green head with four “hats”).  I had been thinking about the inordinate amount of responsibility in my life and the design took shape,… Read More

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“New Growth”

With great resolve to avoid yesterday’s disappointment (“Intersection” was placed impossibly on the paper and could not be enjoyed without a head tilt), I began “New Growth”.  Happily, I let go into the creative process and the mandala blossomed with me as a cooperative creator. … Read More

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I am billing today’s mandala as “interactive” suggesting that viewing enjoyment may result from tilting your head twenty degrees to the left.  I don’t know what happened…a foundational flaw in the design, I presume. The magic of the mandalas is that no matter what I… Read More

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Today’s mandala (24/31) visual asserts the theory that although we see ourselves on separate paths, all roads lead to the same destination and we will at some point re-enter the non-physical to discover we generate from One Source.  That’s all that really needs to be… Read More

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Inner Realm

Today’s mandala also generated from an image I saw on the floor during yoga.  In my yoga bliss, the image felt brilliant, and is much less inspired once translated into actual form.  This piece jumped the track more than once, an unreasonably loud thunder crack… Read More

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“Welcome Home”

Hilarious!  As I read the daily prompt, “what makes a place home to you”, I felt very topical!  Today’s mandala (21/31) is generated from an image I saw on the floor during yoga the other day, a small half heart with wing, spiraling out into… Read More